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Welcome to Visit Superline’s Booth at Canton Fair!

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Welcome to Visit Superline’s Booth at Canton Fair!

With over 20years industry experience in electrical products, Superline attended Canton Fair, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Chinese Mainland Fairs regularly, USA Trade Fairs, European Trade Show, Overseas Exhibitions also joined upon needs.

Every time when goes to the Fair, Superline always bring the super quality power cords, extension cords, range and dryer cords, lamp cords, switch cords, wire harness, power harness, cable assembly, electrical wire, table socket, power strip, plugs & adaptors, plug inserts, string lights, USB & HDMI cable, smart charger and etc. to show to worldwide customers.

At Superline’s booth, you can find not only the standard power cords, extension cords, lamp cords, switch cords, but also the latest newest products, the new developed 3D models, the customized items.

Come to meet us at the fair, let’s develop and make the next new item together!




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