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Where to Find Professional Wire Harness Factory?

Views: 8     Author: Superline     Publish Time: 2023-07-13      Origin: Site

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Where to Find Professional Wire Harness Factory?

Do you have difficulties to find factories to make Wire Harness, Cable Assembly, Power Harness, Automotive Wiring Harness, Harness Assembly?

With about 15years production experience, Superline is a professional factory devoting itself to producing all kinds wiring harness, cable assembly, power harness, UL 1007/1015 Hook-up harness, TXL Automotive harness, harness assembly, motorsport wiring, aircraft wiring, custom wiring, car wiring, automotive wire, electrical wiring etc.

Recently our factory just customed a kind power harness for a North America Client. The wiring harness is composed of 5pcs electrical wiring. The harness is made of UL 1015 12AWG stranded tinned copper single core building wire, its Temperature Rating is 105°C. The harness’s one end is connected with Male bullet, 5.5mm, 12-10 AWG KST MPD5.5-195, and Female bullet, 5.5mm, 12-10 AWG KST FRD5.5-195, the other wire end is tinned. The connectors’ material is Nylon and Nickel coated Brass, its Temperature Rating is 120°C. The electrical wire has 5 colors: blue, yellow, green, black, red. Its length is customized as per client’s drawing. The Temperature Rating

Besides 12AWG power harness, Superline can also produce 10AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, 18AWG, 20AWG, 22AWG wire assembly. We have UL, VDE, CCC certified building wire to substitute according to different clients coming from. And we can change the harness connectors as per customers’ requirements, Molex, TE, KST all kinds original terminal housing for your choice. We also offer all kinds cable end treatments, tinned, stripped, ROJ, crimped, all kinds terminals etc. The length of wire harness also can be custom according to datasheet. All kinds of wire color available for your options. We can custom wiring harness for customers with different purchase quantity.

Email us your detail needs, our excellent sales-team will evaluate your project and offer you prices and solutions timely. Contact us now to build a brighter future together!




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